QoS-aware Web Services Composition using GRASP with Path Relinking

Title:  QoS-aware Web Services Composition using GRASP with Path Relinking

Authors: José Antonio Parejo, Sergio Segura, Pablo Fernandez and Antonio Ruiz-Cortés


In service oriented scenarios, applications are created by composing atomic services and exposing the resulting added value logic as a service. When several alternative service providers are available for composition, quality of service (QoS) properties such as execution time, cost, or availability are taken into account to make the choice, leading to the creation of QoS-aware composite web services. Finding the set of service providers that result in the best QoS is a NP-hard optimization problem. This paper presents QoS-Gasp, a metaheuristic algorithm for performing QoS-aware web service composition at runtime. QoS-Gasp is an hybrid approach that combines GRASP with Path Relinking. For the evaluation of our approach we compared it with related metaheuristic algorithms found in the literature. The experiments show that when results must be available in seconds, QoS-Gasp improves the results of previous proposals up to 40%. Beside this, our algorithm found service compositions with better QoS than those found by related techniques in almost all experiment runs for execution time lower than a minute; i.e. it provides comp

Materials:  materials.zip

More information about the files implementing each experiment and the format of raw data is available in the compation tech report available at ISA web site.
Advanced descriptive statistics, some charts and statistical analysis files with tests of each experiment are provided in excel and SPSS 17 formats respectively.


Status: Submitted for publication at Expert Systems with Applications