Use STATService: 1. Import Data 2. Select tests & post-hoc 3. Get results 4. Provide feedback
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Introduction to STATService XML Web services

To improve the interoperability of our service, we decided to expose these as web service. Thanks to JAX-WS you can invoke our methods by creating your own web service client as is exposed in the following subsections. The next image represents an example of 3 differents invoking ways

Invoking Web service example

Data structures and service Contract

To use a web service you must know where the WSDL is located in. This WSDL is only an XML-based file that provides a model for describing our Web service. WSDL link´s web services are:

  • NonParametricMultipleComparison.WSDL

  • Using the web service in Java

    Consuming STATServices from NetBeans

    This document demonstrates the basics of using the IDE to develop a JAX-WS web service. After you create the web service, you write three different web service clients that use the web service over a network, which is called "consuming" a web service. The three clients are a Java class in a Java SE application, a servlet, and a JSP page in a web application.

    Note that these steps are based in the NonParametricMultipleComparison service example but this is applicable for each service

    Client 1: Java Class in Java SE Application

    Client 2: Servlet in Web Application

    Client 3: JSP Page in Web Application

    Consuming STATServices from Eclipse

    Deploying a web service client proyect in eclipse

    Using the web service in .NET

    Deploying a web service client proyect using .NET and C#

    Using the webservice in .PHP